October 2017

A couple of years ago I made the move away from Wordpress and the unruly MySQL database for my personal site, and decided to embrace the static site. At first I was really excited by a app called Docpad, which worked in a similar way to Jekyll, i.e. processing pages and outputting purely flat html/css/js files.

I'm the son of a sculptor and a Teddy Bear designer. Alas, I was never destined to become a rocket scientist.

I’ve been in the design game for a long time. Most of my life in fact. I started designing on a Sinclair Spectrum as a kid in the early 80′s, using packages which didn’t even allow me to save what I’d created. They had 8 colours. I learnt to dither to simulate more. I created fonts on an 8X8 grid. It beeped. I bought a multichannel sound board. Then it beeped in 4 channels.

A website for a global charity dedicated to promoting the right of Women In Developing countries.
January 16, 2018
A quick trip to Oslo inspired a track.