Ok, so I put my nice little flat site live, mainly to make it easier to fix a few mobile width issues. All looking fine, apart from the od...

    Markdown Win

    I'm still streamlining what is being passed from my markdown files to the main templates. Finally managed to pass the background image to t...

    Energy, Time, Money - Venn Diagram

    A little Diagram to illustrate a tweet I read, with a little addition of my own for those occasions when all things seems possible.

    Energy Time Money

    Sumvision Voyager 7" Tablet

    Sumvision Voyager

    Got a cheapo Sumvision Voyager Android tablet yesterday. So far, it’s pretty great for the price. Just short of eighty quid (from Ebuyer...

    Lost without trace

    I generally don't like to look back in life. I find it a self indulgent, unhelpful and slightly melancholy activity to dwell in the past.

    There are some threads, however, that waft around in the breeze of the day to day, and I wonder what happened to a person, thing or place.

    My old university housemates in Portsmouth, where I lived from 1989 to 1991 are a case in point. I lived with Keith, Annabel and Sue for 2 years at 174 Shearer Road, most of the time which was gloriously care free and happy.