Markdown Win

    I'm still streamlining what is being passed from my markdown files to the main templates. Finally managed to pass the background image to t...

    Energy, Time, Money - Venn Diagram

    A little Diagram to illustrate a tweet I read, with a little addition of my own for those occasions when all things seems possible.

    Energy Time Money

    Sumvision Voyager 7" Tablet

    Sumvision Voyager

    Got a cheapo Sumvision Voyager Android tablet yesterday. So far, it’s pretty great for the price. Just short of eighty quid (from Ebuyer...

    Lost without trace

    I generally don't like to look back in life. I find it a self indulgent, unhelpful and slightly melancholy activity to dwell in the past.

    There are some threads, however, that waft around in the breeze of the day to day, and I wonder what happened to a person, thing or place.

    My old university housemates in Portsmouth, where I lived from 1989 to 1991 are a case in point. I lived with Keith, Annabel and Sue for 2 years at 174 Shearer Road, most of the time which was gloriously care free and happy.